Ohioans for Gun Safety Launches Campaign

Today, a grassroots coalition of Ohioans dedicated to bringing common sense background checks for gun safety, known as Ohioans for Gun Safety, hosted a press conference to announce the start of their campaign.

Ohioans for Gun Safety has been working together across the state by fostering conversations and hosting meetings to address the growing gun violence in our state. A growing number of Ohioans have joined the movement because they are concerned about increasing gun violence and want to bring a common sense solution to Ohio. They are called Groundbreakers.

Here are what some supporters had to say today at the press conference:

David Eggert, Clevelander, founding member of Ohioans for Gun Safety: “We are here today united by a common goal – to bring background checks for gun safety to Ohio. We don’t have a paragraph of ballot language written, or a grand scheme for making a law. We want to be inclusive, and bring in as many groups and organizations to be partners in our effort to reduce gun violence and make Ohio safer.

Kevin James, Cleveland-area resident who lost a son to gun violence: “I lost my son seven years ago to gun violence that could have been prevented by a simple background check. Until someone you know has been killed in an act of senseless gun violence, you can’t know the pain and suffering that could have been avoided. We need to bring common sense background checks for gun safety to Ohio. It will save lives.”

Dr. Jonathan Groner, Columbus pediatric trauma surgeon: “As a Central Ohio trauma surgeon, I see firsthand the effects of gun violence. It is preventable, and we need to do something to stop innocent lives from being taken – even little kids, my patients – by guns.”

Neil Moore, Cincinnatian, gun owner, Second Amendment and Ohioans for Gun Safety supporter: “I’m a former member of the NRA and I served in the U.S. Navy. I believe in personal responsibility. But there are some people, with a history of violent crime, or other criminal behavior, who should never own a gun. That’s what we are talking about today – common sense background checks to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”

Anne Wallace, Cincinnatian, psychologist and member of Ohioans for Gun Safety: “About a year ago, I started to seek out ways to be involved with reducing gun violence in our state. That’s how I found Ohioans for Gun Safety, and encourage everyone who shares our concern to become involved, even in the smallest of ways. We all can work together to save lives and make our state safer.”