Guest view: Bad gun bills could backfire

Two bad gun bills are under consideration at the Ohio Statehouse. They would do nothing to strengthen the Second Amendment, but they would trample on the property rights and equal treatment of many ordinary Ohioans.

The first bill, passed by the House in July and sent to the Senate for debate, would give concealed-carry permit holders a free pass if they broke the law by bringing firearms past the “no guns allowed” signs in schools, churches, day-care centers and private businesses.

Currently, carrying a concealed firearm into a prohibited area is a crime, carrying potential felony charges. The proposed law would remove penalties if the bearer of a deadly weapon (and that could be a machete) agreed to leave when asked. Bill sponsor John Becker, R-Cincinnati, calls this the “jerk clause”— as in, “if you choose to be a jerk about it and refuse to leave,” the person would be subject to criminal charges.

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