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Groundbreakers are individuals and organizations that want to take part in the conversation about gun safety in Ohio and help spread the word about our campaign.

Groundbreakers know that listening to and talking with Ohioans is the critical first step in formulating ballot language to take to voters for approval.

Join our growing list of Groundbreakers!

Meet our Groundbreakers




Jean Andolsen

Myrna Arlen Bloch

Deborah Athans

Mindi Axner

Linda Barnett

Joan Bendix

Janice Bilchik

Sydney Brunschwig

Martha Clark

Janet Cox

Mary Dixon

Fran Doris

Chantal Dothey

Kristina DuBois

David Eggert

Rev. Kristine Eggert

John Elder

Bruce Ente

Stephanie Farley

Barbara Feldman

Catherine Flemming

Emily Ford

Wendie Forman

Ann M. Francis

Barbara French

Allan Fuson

Michael and Lisa Gaynier

Elaine Geller

Anthony Gomez

Susan Gordon

Marian Harris

Liza Hayzlett

Roberta Herman

Sally Isenstadt

Elizabeth James

Carolyn Javitch

Joel Javitch

Judy Kabat

Mike and Miles Kelly

Mary Kelsey

Jan Kennedy

Arthur Lavin

Mary Lazarus

Earl Leiken

Kelly McDougal

Allison Mills

Marilyn Oif

Susan Reis

Judy Rosman

Jacqueline Samuel

Gail Sands

Rebecca Schamess

Patricia Schinabeck

Maureen Schlangen

Barbara Shane

Kathy Spencer

Linda Slocum

Ron Soeder

Gayle Channing Tenenbaum

Dana Trau

Mike Walker

Diana Woodbridge

Ellen Worthington

Robert Wyman



National Council of Jewish Women – Cleveland

National Council of Jewish Women – Columbus

Ohio Public Health Association

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Patriots for Change

God Before Guns

League of Women Voters of Ohio

Sandy Hook Promise

Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio