We are working to close loopholes in Ohio’s background check law. We’ve drafted language, gotten approval from the Ohio Attorney General and Ballot Board and now we must collect nearly 133,000 signatures to put this issue in front of the Ohio Legislature.

If you are interested in signing our petition or helping us collect signatures, please email us at and we will connect you with a coordinator in your area.

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Collecting signatures to put our initiative in front of the legislature and possibly in front of Ohio voters is expensive and will take lots of manpower and resources to complete. Making a donation, no matter the size, is the best way to help our movement.

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In 2017, Ohio suffered nearly 1600 gun-related deaths, and Ohio’s firearm death rate increased over 30% since 2014. Beginning in 2015, Ohio’s gun death rate surged ahead of the overall US rate and has been increasing faster than the US rate for the last three years. Experts agree background checks are among the most effective legislative steps available to impact gun violence. In the 20 states that have acted to strengthen background checks, gun violence is significantly reduced. Moreover, public support for stronger background checks is consistently as high as 90% or more.


Over the last year, we have been reaching out to Ohioans from all over the state and all walks of life about their views on common sense background checks for gun safety. Based on those conversations and conversations with in-state and national organizations, we have drafted language and are collecting signatures to put background checks for gun safety on the ballot as early as 2020 and no later than 2021.