There’s already tremendous support in Ohio, and across the country, for common sense background checks for gun safety. We’re dedicated to making positive change to save lives in Ohio.

Mission Statement:

Ohioans for Gun Safety is a grassroots organization collecting signatures to put common sense background checks for gun safety in front of The Ohio Legislature, and if they don’t act, on the ballot. As Ohioans and Americans, we understand that we must balance our rights and our responsibilities in order to stop gun violence and gun tragedies. By listening to and having conversations with Ohioans about their experiences and ideas, we have built a broad-based, inclusive coalition that will, ultimately, make our state a safer place for our children and grandchildren through common sense background checks for gun safety.

If you are interested in signing our petition or helping us collect signatures, please email us at info@ohioansforgunsafety.com and we will connect you with a coordinator in your area.